Hello Peeps,

So I’m going to finally start getting into supporting the concept of sharing knowledge to people I know for things I enjoy. You’ll find lots of personal opinions on games, movies, places to stay, things to see. I believe more then ever we now have a need to share knowledge with each other and boost those products, business, people, influensers who deserve a shout out!

My First bit of info will be to share a wonderful ARG that has been happening for well.. almost a year now; Waking Titan;

Waking Titan was created as an ARG marketing campaign for the overly controversial game No Man’s Sky. My opinion, No Man’s Sky is one of the best games out there! In short i had been following the development of this game two years before it was released and couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. Unfortunately at the time I couldn’t purchase the cool bundles but pre-ordered the game. Its a clean, artistically binaural adventure through time and space with over 18 Quintilian ACTUALLY planets you could visit!! The controversies over the game stem from, what I believe to be bigger gaming companies pushing the smaller ones around. The game had to be released earlier then Hello Games wanted. This in turn caused a list of weird issues, crashes and concerns with the story line. Hello Games being a small 15 person team at the time, did there hardest and best to fix everything and to this day! to this day all content and updates have been FREE! With reviewers being pushed by big game compnaies to bash on such a small team, and the lack of ability to keep up with the demand at first, hello games had a huge fight against them. But this game has prevailed and is one of the game changes for precedural content games. I wont go into the nitty gritty of this game today but how it runs is amazing!!

Waking Titan came around during the las tbig update for No Man’s Sky. The game built a huge following of players which in turn created this community that has solved some CRAZY problems, and gone out of there way to make live drops and share info.

The most recent phase, Phase 4 started about a month ago. Platyers of the last phase were invited to sign up to recevei a V4 Atlas pass, WHICH, I JUST GOT MINE!!! WOOT WOOT!!


None of us know if there will actually do anything in the actual game but it feels awesome and important!  for more info on the Waking Titan Game and to get caught up check out this Game detective page. It will be a lengthy read but you can test ALL the stuff out and find that they are legit! It’s crazy how in depth this game goes.

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