AND We are back in it! Much sooner than I expected. As many of you found out like I did last night, The “3rd” installment of the Cloverfield Universe aired; ON THE SAME DAY THE TRAILER CAME OUT! SAY WHAT!!!!?  Yeah Bad Robots done it again, duping its crazy ARG following fans like myself by side swiping us with The Cloverfield Paradox.

I won’t go into the film as I believe you need to experience. As all Cloverfield movies so far, it either a love or hate feeling for them. I can understand both sides of reason and respect those opinions.

I will though talk about J.J. Abrams beautiful mystery box world I have so come to enjoy when diving deep into the world of Cloververse.

Cloverfield Status of Liberty HeadWhen the first Cloverfield movie hit the world in 2008, a Mysterious Trailer the year before of a party, explosions and the Statue of Liberty head being ejected down a New York street torn to pieces. the end of the trailer gave no name to this curious piece of material. all we were left with was a website.  After watch Transformers, which this trailer premiered before, I could barely remember the movie. All I wanted to do was go to

On entering the site is had some photos you could move around should some creature torn up, a fire on a ship, some cook in a restaurant, and that seemed to be it. he year went on and Cloverfield revealed itself, and I fell in love. Monster Movies are always a easy thing for me to latch on to.  Low an behold there was an ENTIRE WORLD I never uncovered awaiting down a dark rabbit hole in the world of the internet.

10 Cloverfield LaneIn late 2015 early 2016 a new wave of Viral Marketing happened, 10 Cloverfield Lane hit the scene. The first trail for the film was release about 2 month before the Movie was supposed to be shown in theaters. This in it self was a major feat and completely against the norms of advertising for films. Usually its months in advance, several teaser trailer of info, a longer trailer or two with more plot development and then You’ve seen the whole movie before it arrives.. Not Clovey.

Of course this heightened my interest on what was going on. I started reading through blogs and Reddit from others who have either inside info or as just ARG geniuses. As I was reading I came across knowledge that I had not seen before. Turns out during the Cloverfield movie they had created Myspace pages, websites, fake companies, and videos of people who were in the movie.

For 10 Cloverfield Lane is was no different. New websites, new people, bigger insight. If you had seen 10 Cloverfield Lane with out being apart of the ARG, you would EASILY, EASILY think the movies were not connected. here is a great page to catch you up on the ARG from the beginning for the two movies (

But if you did follow some of it or end up finding you would see that the company Howard worked for is the same company the Rob Hawkins was going to work for overseas was the same company, or branches of the company. Slow the walls began to show signs of light as you pull this whole other story together.

For the new Film The Cloverfield Paradox, Paramount and Bad Robot pull a good trick. For a long time the movie was either known as Cloverfield Sequel or Untitled Cloverfield Sequel. Then about a year ago The God Particle became a title for the film the date changed from February to October Then closing in on October the release date was moved to February, THEN again to April. About a month or so ago the title changed names to The Cloverfield Station. As we all waited for more information to come around, one of the old ARG sites updates and an new one rose from the depth. Then about 2 weeks ago someone found that there was some deal being talked about between Paramount and Netflix and that Netflix was possibly picking up The New Cloverfield Movie. by this time I figure this is a pretty crazy movie for them to do. For those who are not following this, it would take you by surprise. They sign a deal and instead of releasing it in theaters in April, release it on Netflix in April. Sounds like a good fair plan… BUT I WANT A TRAILER DANGNABIT!!

So with Superbowl just around the corner I expected a trailer to land during the Superbowl since it was hitting the 2 month stage of 10 Cloverfield Lane. Super bowl comes and BOOM Bad robot logo shows up and I am ready! scenes plays, creepy things happen, I’m excited, and whats that blip at the end? Available on Netflix… AFTER THE GAME!!!!?? SAY WHHHATTT!!? I was so freaking excited! Not because it WAS a new Cloverfield movie coming out today BUT because they successfully duped me! It reminds me of those times when your playing hide and seek with a little kid and you jump out and scare them and they laugh and run off all excited. My insides felt like that. like, “AHH J.J. You got me hahaha, Now I go hide!!”.

For anything with this series of films, I don’t know if I am more excited for it cause of the universe its creating and the mystery boxes OR if the ARG is just so interesting to me.


The Cloverfield Paradox CrewThe Cloverfield Paradox (Possible spoilers)

Ill do my best not to spoil anything but this move takes place at SOME time in life, People seem to think a bit in the future from now. The worlds energy system is failing and a crew is sent to space to make a new energy system work to give free energy to everyone. of course things have to go wrong and its gets nuts.

Overall the Mystery boxes are great, for me. I can definitely see a hatred by some people for this film. The writing is SUPER choppy, feels almost like a long advertisement itself. Its hard to connect to the characters you meet by the end of the film and more so I want answers that were not given in the film.

However, I do love the film. After watching it the first time I started doing my ARG research and started with looking up Paradox just to get a definition. for those of you who are like me and know the word and can use it in a sentence but don’t know its full meaning Paradox is a seemingly absurd or self-contradictory statement or proposition that when investigated or explained may prove to be well founded or true. 

This in a nut shell is how I felt about the structure of the movie. I realized that it was all meant for a reason.

TO end I am excited to see the next films. I feel we might actually see something release in April as an addition to this installment. There are talks of the 4th on being a movie called Overlord set to release in October of this year, but I can not confirm or deny its connection.

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