I’m going to layout some things I’m finding in regards to piecing this third installment into the other films and the ARGs. Please comment your thought and ideas.


The Splash Down of Deleware

Hamiltons Pod is set to splash of the Delaware coast around 430PM. This is NOT the pod or satellite we see in the first Cloverfield Movie at the end as this one lands almost two later then the time given in Cloverfield Paradox. The date of this incident in the first movie is on April 27th at 6:17PM. this also I believe takes place at Coney island so we are a few hundred miles off.

Cloverfield sateilite

The Blackout and Radio Chatter

The Beginning of 10 Cloverfield Lane, the radio chatters about another blackout on the East coast, this could confirm that the second movie and 3rd movie are happening at the same time. Though my speculations that the main love characters in Cloverfield paradox are in England of over seas, as the radio is talking about the energy crisis but brings up France as the place of origin. I don’t think that are in France, but they all have British accents which makes me think that as well.

The Stambler Siblings?

A man i seen on a News interview named Mark Stambler, explaining the bad of what they are trying to do. Howard from Cloverfield Lane’s last name is Stambler as well. Seems these two could be brothers.. maybe cousins, and Howard could have shared info with Mark, or visa versa to create these scenarios.

The Landing Target

Near the End of the Film there is a quick glimpse at the earth and a cross hair signifying the Landing target zone for the pod Hamilton is in. Its hard to mark out but my best guess is its North and central America (USA and Mexico). This target, is true looks to be around Huntsville Alabama. This is where the US Space and Rocket Center I located; presumably the people they have been in contact with of the intercom.

Clovey the Large

The end of the movie brings Clovey, the original monster flying through the clouds roaring away. Or is it the original? its very hard to tell whats going on with teh clouds at first the clouds to meas see high. Which would mean the Clovey is ENORMOUS!! like thousands and thousands of feet. This would make him bigger than the original, but if its low flying clouds.. It could be the same monster. The lack of having anything visual of where they are at makes it hard to tell the height of this beast.

Mutant Space Worms

Howard had a theory of Space worms mentioned in 10 Cloverfield Lane, Possible connection to worms in Cloverfield Paradox.

The Newcaster

The newscaster is a FIRST reoccurring character in the universe. She is found in 10 Cloverfield Lane as a lady trying to get into the bunker who eventually loses her mind and smashes her head against the window.

UPDATE: Feb 8th 2018

Chancellor Gerlach

Possible connection to OVERLORD. When VOlkov is possessed and then goes after Schmidt and Tam, He spouts out asking if Schmidt is in communications with a Chancellor Gerlach. Chancellor Gerlach was a German physicist who co-discovered spin quantization in a magnetic field which they call the Stern–Gerlach effect. He lived from 1989 to 1979. There nothing I’ve found that connects him to Nazi’s but We do know the Overload has something to do with Nazis and Behind enemy lines.

I will be updating this blog as more tings are revealed.

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