Today I’d like to set the record straight on The “Red Letter Day” trophy on Steep. As much as I enjoy a challenge and enjoy the beautiful environment that Ubisoft has created, the memorable moments are BY FAR my least favorite pieces of this game. Online there is lots of chatter over the years on what they are, how you get them, why are they not showing in some stat (that I can’t find), and most of all how do you get this RED LETTER DAY trophy!

Many people were asking if it is glitched. As I was working towards it I felt the same then I started scouring the forums. I found many people had lists… Lists of different memorable moments they have come by BUT NO ONE had a good sense of what they had done to get them. Along the way I did find one post where a guy did well giving quick explanations to what he did to achieve the trophy.

What are memorable moments?

Memorable moments are moments during game play that involved hitting certain milestones. Some are one time things others are repeatable. A couple examples would be, doing your first 1080, or Riding uninterrupted for 6 minutes.

What is the RED LETTER DAY trophy?

This trophy asks that you collect 15 different memorable moments. At the beginning you may think you can just collect these whenever turns out… that not accurate.  From my research if found that over time this trophy may have become bugged and was easier to gain early on. But the truth is this: You need to collect 15 different memorable moments in one session without turning off the game or switching travel points. Some notes

  • You can skip around the mountain and do different activities
  • If the game turns off the 15 memorable moments will restart.
  • There are plenty of moments you can collect on long single runs.

Now stupidly I didn’t record my time doing this and am going of memory on which Memorable moments I hit to achieve this. I’ll do my best to give an account of what I did for each of them. There’s an extra that I did as options.

1 – 2000 pts in one jump: Just make 2000 points in one large jump

2- 10K Extreme points: Collect Extreme points by doing extreme riding things (Close proxy flying, impossible dangerous jumps, etc)

3 – 60 Meter Jump: Jump of a Super high jump and land

  • 1 -3 can be achieved on several massive jumps off the beaten path. The one I did this on was a jump near The Event called Burger Jump. Burger jump is in the ARAVIS sector and the jump is located roughly around 4160S – 2490W. Mark it on your map and then start way up on the hill and Blast your way down the hill. This may take a few times but if you can do as many twists and flips and grabs as well as jump the boulders on the other side of the jump AND land it you score all three of these in that one jump

4 – Beat your old score: simply beat an old score of yours on an event, hopefully you didn’t Kill it on every event 😉

5 – beat a friends score: Beat a friends score in any event

  • These I did by finding an older easy tricks event and plowed through it. You could do this with ANY event I just personally find events involving tricks is easier for me to out beat others.

6 – 30 Second GoPro Sequence: travel using the GoPro camera mode for 30 seconds

7 – Speed Demon: reach max speed on board of skis and hold it for extended time (not sure but thinking its 30 sec)

8 – 6-minute uninterrupted ride: ride for 6 minutes and DON’T FALL or CRASH

9 – Long ride no Crash: I think you can understand this one

10 – Stay at max Multiplier for 2 minutes: get to max multiplier (4X) and hold it for two minutes NOTE: multiplier does not diminish if you do not do tricks. Just do not stop

11 – Hand in hand with another player: ride with another player for a period of time (unsure how long this time is but probably 2 minutes)

  • These are all achieved on a long LONG ride. Start out on top of Monte Blanc with another player in a group turn on the GoPro View and ride around slowly take long sweeping turns in the snow until the memorable moment pops up. After that change the view back to normal mode and take an easy trip down the mountain. Do trick along the way to bring up the Multiplier. If you find a good long stretch that is not flat but not super steep barrel down the that section. I am not sure on the timing but its around 30 seconds at being at top speed I believe. You will hear wind sounds when you are reaching max speed. Once these are all completed you can stop and move on to:

12 – All-Rounder: switch between different sports

  • Once you stop switch to Skiing of boarding, which ever one you were not riding on, and ride till you find a rock, doesn’t have to be huge just enough so that when you put the Jet-pack wing suit on you cannot crash. Once you take off in the wing suit, take yourself to a higher point with some slopes you can possibly slide down on foot.

13 – Travel 5K: travel 5K on any sport. You can crash and change sectors and events

  • This should unlock while you are flying around, OR it may already unlock during your 6 minute sesh.

14 – Walk 1Km: get your walking boots on and enjoy the scenery.

  • Simple to do just walk/run, you can slide down hills which help speed it up some, it took me about 5 mins to complete this. Just keep walking just keep walking.

15 – Safely land after a major ascent: Ascend up a mountain in a para-glider and land safely

  • This can be easily done on Matterhorn but also can be done on other mountains. After walking go to mountain view and find a place lower on Matterhorn like half way or below. Jump in the para-glider and make your way up the mountain.Now some note is was reading they were saying you have to go all the way to the top of the mountain. I goofed and landed well before the top and it still unlocked for me. If you land and it doesn’t unlock and then you just need to ascend higher.

16 – Instant KO: die on impact

  • Start in a Balloon and dive bomb straight down into the ground.

There are 41 memorable moments you can pull from and there isn’t really any clear list of them OR way to see which ones you have collected in game.. These are just ideas for each of the ones I remember hitting on my way to achieving RED LETTER DAY. Memorable moments can be achieved in HUNDREDS of ways on the slopes. You will also collect multiple of the same moments while you are trying to get your 15 so don’t get side tracked.

Hopefully this will help YOU can to this trophy out of your way. You can check out my progress on my PSNProfile Account


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