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We provide a multitude of services under the umbrella of Media. From consultation to finished websites, HGM can give and find you your needs to expand and grow to the next step.

Services include:

  • Consultation
  • Web Design
  • Graphics
  • Photography
    • Senior Portraits
    • Weddings


HGM does not understand the concept of “here’s your product” and leaving you to what was thrown at you. We don’t do this for ourselves. Our business is for you and the expansion of your business in how you would like to see it advance. None of this can happen without the streaming relationship and interaction of a good consultation. We adhere to listen, to absorb, to advise and evolve ideas into something that will work for you.


Your Business is known no better by anyone else but yourself. You’ve created, or been a part of the development of it to where it is today. Our Business is getting your name out there and online in the best affordable fashion possible. By integrating our development into your knowledge base of your business, we will help you take your visibility to the next level.

Websites are a dime a dozen and there are many amazing free ways that you can create your own website without the help of anyone else. Web designers and coders are not a dime a dozen. Anyone can put together a website, but not everyone can cater to what you need and want and be able to give you an aesthetically please site from beginning to end. We know far too well the implications of bad web design and horrible consultation. That’s why we want to make sure you have the proper tools and understand before you make your decisions.

Our consultation can provide you with a better understanding of the way websites work, what the benefits are, who you can potentially reach out to and when you can expect a finished product.


Every business is always looking for the great new way to promote their company or product. Being involved in much of the online social scene and advertising, HGM wants to share those avenues with you. Most companies are busy just trying to make ends meet for the day leaving no time for them to think about where or what to do to promote themselves to the next level. We want to be that option for friend advice and consultation on what the next step is. From banner ads, to posters, shirt designs, CD covers, Ad campaigns, etc. HGM only wants to incorporate Service and relationship into what is the next step for your company.