One of the most difficult trophies to get in this game. Lots of setting things up and crossing fingers the random spawning of Captains isn’t too sporadic.

The Test of the Wild achievement (Known as The Hunt is My Mistress Trophy) is one of those achievements that will make you spout out some words you may not have wanted to say. Below is just a brief idea of what you can do to help you journey on attempting this challenge.

This will go over how to accomplish the test with the following

  • beat in 40 minutes
  • beat with a score of 13000
  • Kill 10 captains with a creature
  • Kill all 5 war chiefs and 20 captains

Tips & Tricks:


First off you will probably feel like you need to get all the intel you can find. SCRATCH THAT! You have 40 minutes to complete the task and every second counts. The first thing you will want to do is gain intel on the War chiefs. The war chiefs will be the same every time you play, they will move place on the map but there strengths, weaknesses, names and bad attitudes will all be the same.

The War Chief you are looking for is Ukakuga. He is relatively easy to beat, and strong enough to with stand riots with the other War Chiefs.


Once you have found Ukakuga, fight him but don’t kill him, bring him to his knees and convert him to the light side. Command him (triangle button) to riot with another war chief. At this time you do not need intel on the other War Chiefs, as you start riots there identity will show up. And after you die two or three times you will learn their traits.  I recommend going after the War chief with the most henchmen. This will give you a chance to kill more Captains with Creatures to get that objective completed.

Lets Start a Riot, A Riot!

The rioting areas are all set near Bait for Graugs. once you initiate the riot look for the graug bait, bait one and Shadow mount it. And, probably makes sense from here, but go eat and kill the Bad War Chief and their Henchmen. I recommend killing the henchmen first as they will run away and one of them will become a War Chief if you kill the War Chief First. You should be able to capture and eat them still but it can be more of a pain.

After you have successfully killed them dismount the Graug and command Ukakuga to riot with another War Cheif.  after successfully starting a new riot, Kill your branded graug for more points. Rinse wash and repeat until all War chiefs are dead. Once they are dead kill your branded Uruk War Chief.

WARNING: You CAN eat your own branded Uruk. So be careful when swiping the graugs arm around looking for a tasty snack.


YAY! You killed all the Leaders, NOW hopefully a large chunk of Captains are dead as well. Gather intel on the rest of the Captains, go find them and kill them. You can gain basic location intel from any uruk, you find.

And there you have it. You should have the completed by following this video and general steps. It may take a couple times because the captains and War Chiefs randomly generate and there start points could be in places that will take longer to get to.

Leave your comments of any tricks or tips you guys have!

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