Jurassic World Evolution Platinum: Unlock all Trophies
How did you do this?: Achieve a 5-Star Island Rating on every island in Las Cinco Muertes
I read your book: Unlock all InGen Database entries in the game
A kind of biological preserve: Take a Photograph worth more than $100000
Spared no expense: Unlock Isla Nublar
Now you’re John Hammond: House at least 50 live dinosaurs on a single island
Creation is an act of sheer will: Release at least one of every dinosaur genus in the game
Using sophisticated techniques: Complete All Missions: Science
You got them eating out of your hand: Complete All Missions: Security
An aim not devoid of merit: Complete All Missions: Entertainment
Shoooot heeer!: Tranquillize a dinosaur from a distance of at least 125m
Thank God for Site B: Unlock Isla Sorna
Not alone on this island: Unlock Isla Muerta
Going to make a fortune with this place: Unlock Isla Tacano
On this island there’s no such thing as safe: Unlock Isla Pena
I don’t understand this Luddite attitude: Reach maximum Science Reputation on an island
Instinct that we can program: Reach maximum Security Reputation on an island
Bigger. Louder. More Teeth.: Reach maximum Entertainment Reputation on an island
Shoot her!: Manually tranquillise a dinosaur with the ACU helicopter
Tenacious: Manually medicate a diseased dinosaur with the Ranger Team
It’s all about control with you: Add a task for an ACU or Ranger Team
I think we’re back in business: Manually repair a building with the Ranger Team
You’re the top minds: Research an item
Fill in the holes and complete the code: Complete a genome to 100%
You think that kind of automation is easy?: Add an upgrade to a building
Get a clear shot: Manually perform a headshot with the ACU helicopter
War is a part of nature: Manually tranquillise a dinosaur while it is fighting another dinosaur
Nobody move a muscle: Manually tranquillise a dinosaur while it is running
I thought you failed your driver’s test: Manually drive a total distance of 25km in the Ranger Team’s vehicle
Must go faster: Drive the Ranger Team’s vehicle at top speed for 5 consecutive seconds
Accept you are never actually in control: Power slide with the Ranger Team’s vehicle for 3 seconds (within a 5-second window)
Hold on to your butts!: Get 5 seconds of air time with the Ranger Team’s vehicle (within a 20-second window)
Life finds a way: Release a dinosaur
Nothing in Jurassic World is natural: Release a genetically modified dinosaur
Mommy’s very angry: Release a modified dinosaur that has over 150 Attack
Follow the screams!: Release a T-Rex
Clever girl: Release a Velociraptor
My favourite when I was a kid: Release a Triceratops
A beautiful, but deadly addition: Release a Dilophosaurus
Super-predator: Release a Spinosaurus
Is this even possible?: Release a Stegosaurus
Flocking this way: Release a Gallimimus
Veggiesaurus: Release a Brachiosaurus
That’s no dinosaur: Release an Indominus rex
This is very dangerous territory: Photograph a Spinosaurus fighting a T-Rex
Learning where she fits in the food chain: Photograph an Indominus Rex fighting a T-Rex
Whatever you study, you also change: Take a Photograph worth more than $30000
Look how it eats!: Photograph a T-Rex hunting a Gallimimus
Smarter than primates: Photograph two Velociraptors socializing
Who’s hungry?: Photograph a carnivore attacking a visitor
I hate being right all the time: Photograph a herbivore attacking visitors
Where’s the goat?: Photograph a T-Rex eating ‘live bait’

Jurassic World Evolution: Platinum Run & Rating

If you’re here that means you have some interest in Platinum Trophies and probably are playing Jurassic World Evolution at this time. Well, thank you for your support. Below is a few bits of information and my overall rating of the game. I REALLY had a blast playing this game but will share the details below.

Trophy Difficulty:

First off, this games trophy challenge for me is a 6 out of 10. I personally didn’t find them difficult to understand, or technically difficult to get. The HARDEST part of some were continuous back and forth trying to maintain situation to further advance your park. When tasks become monotonous my energy becomes real low in wanting to continue. BUT, I prevail and conquer those gut emotions and suck it up!

This game is a great game for those who are not avid trophy hunters and a good taste into some sort of challenges you may encounter in other management type games such as this. For more seasoned hunters this will probably be a pretty quick battle for you.

In a nutshell, if you basically work your way through 5 Staring EVERY island (including Isla Nublar), and completed all missions and 100% all contract levels on each island (NOTE: They do not need to be all done at once) you will most likely get your platinum!

Hardest Trophies:

Hardest Trophy for me would be “How did you do this?”; 5-star all islands. This was just difficult as point because it seems once one issue happened everything went wrong. And it would continue in a cycle setting be back on stars and since there is not speed up time option I had to go through with it all and tranquilize, repair, create to fulfill dinos needs and keep the customers… alive.

Easiest Trophies:

This would have to be releasing of the dinos. As you take on contracts these will all happen. AND if you don’t get the contract to release those particular dinos once you have the genome you can just release it whenever your heart desires.

Overall Rating:

The franchise has me for life. I’ve grown up on Jurassic Park and for as long as I can remember loved dinosaurs, so I’m probably fan boying a bit on it. If I step back a moment, I did LOVE the ability to fly the helicopter and drive the jeeps in the game. This was a really cool addition to the park management game and really made it feel like you were in it. The photography piece was a lot of fun too. I liked that you had to be in the jeep to take a shot. I do wish they allowed it in the gyroshperes.

There were some minor things I did find a bit annoying and you will too. One will be terrain issues when trying to build something, and trying to house certain dinos without them freaking out before getting enough of their buddies made (stegosaurus as not my friends anymore.).

Below are a couple more images I took using the photo mode for your viewing and a list of all the trophies gathered form PlayStation Trophies page. I may try and do a more detailed dive into the mechanics of the game if you are all interested. Leave a comment and let me know what you have questions about and I would be happy to answer. If you are on PS4 or YouTube look me up SevereIam and lets be friends.

Thank you so much for your support. Keep it real!


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