Google Project Stream

This evening I took a first jab at Googles new online streaming service Google Project Stream. With this breakout project gamers will be able to stream Games of all sizes and quality through their Browser!  Cool Right?!  I jumped on for 15 minutes to try it out. There beta test game of choice is Assassins Creed Odyssey from Ubisoft.

My first experiment was over my home wifi while simultaneously streaming Tv through PlayStation Vue, and using limited wifi access with our phones. My computer is a Samsung Series 7 Cronos running 8GB of RAM and an i7 Core processor. My internet is 50/50 through Verison.

The start up of the game was almost immediate which was pretty sweet! the opening creds and initial fight all ran smoothly. After creating my character and beginning the story line things started to lag a bit. About every 10-15 second it would freeze up. I could here me (or them) get hacked up but I couldn’t do anything. Yes that is annoying, but I am Streaming live TV thru PSVue which is a bit of a hog for space.

I don’t take this as a bad thing. I will be doing a few more tests and posting some updates on them. I believe if I am not running psvue the game may run pretty well. It could also be my computer. Its a bit old and doesn’t always like to work at top notch.


check out the first 15 minute test below.

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