Hello All and thanks for stopping by. Today I am reviewing The new God of War game released as an exclusive to PlayStation by Santa Clara Studios. I will be going over some story line things so there may be spoilers ahead depending on who you are and where you have gotten so far in the game.

God of War takes place in the Norse Myth’s World of Midgard (comparable to Earth). The story starts out heavy, with cutting down the wood to burn the decease wife of Kratos and Mother of Atreus. From this action the world opens into land(s) or epic Nordic amazement! You are soon plunged into a story of why they have been found all of a sudden after the death of Kratos’ Wife.


I think everyone on of my friends who has played this have been in the same boat with this. It was a bit difficult getting use to the controller style, but after figuring it out, it all makes sense and it super fun!

gow weapon upgradeGame Style:

THIS is by far one of the biggest adjustments to the series. instead of a hack a slash gain a crazy killer combo approach we are given a weapon (Axe) to attack with, throw, and call back and our own choosing. The weapons are given powers up AND enhancements leveling up your strength as you progress. A newer piece even is armor. I believe armor was introduced in the multiplayer GoW Ascensions piece which I never tried (didn’t have online ability at that time and was annoyed I had to have it to platinum the game).

The game does have a more option world stance to it then the originals. You are guided through paths to places, things you can do it fall of cliffs or travel ANYWHERE you want to go. Needless to this it makes the hunting down of artifacts and treasures very enjoyable as you need to find shorelines you can land on or boat docks hiding around rocks.

An interesting piece is as the story progresses certain area of interest (for exploring ) are still available BUT you have to find new ways of getting there.  This in itself makes my mind explode. The building of this world is astonishing, incorporating the ability to explore after story line stuff and adding in all the puzzles, battles, hidden chambers!! SO much!

SPOILER VIDEO! Don’t watch if you don’t want to see some of the game play.

Double Team:

The combo of Kratos teaching Atreus to become a man, build well into their co-op fighting abilities. some of the best AI animation for me by far is the sick combos the two of them have. Kratos upper cuts a baddie, Atreus Runs up Kratos’ Back and fires an arrow into the bad guy!  BOOM! so smooth and totally awesome that I had to do nothing to make that happen! As you progress and upgrade Atreus he gains more abilities to help in combat.


Nuff Said. Always love these finishers. This is by far my favorite.

gow map

Map and Exploring:

At first I will be honest, I didn’t like the map, it looks gorgeous but I couldn’t zoom in close enough to see the edge of where i needed to go. Then as I played more I realized this is a part of purpose. The searching and exploring the realm with sitting and looking at a map all day long. One thing I love about the map but do think it could have some changes is the legend of each region and what you have found and not found. This, for the exploration part of the game comes in handy. I do think maybe outlining the regions each marker is covering could help. As a note for you explorers, the legends will be sub out into smaller sections. Ex would be the Mountain. If you look at that legend it will tell you how many of Odin’s ravens you’ve killed, how many chests, etc etc, within the mountain is a mine, if you hover over that it will tell you how much of the mine you have uncovered. That mine, is apart of the mountain so those numbers filter into the mountains legend.

On the next post i’ll attempt to attack the story line and my theories on where i see this all going.

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