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So today we have a new premiere trailer for Dark Crimes, a new Crime featuring a hero of mine, Jim Carrey. This movies rather new on my radar but it looks like it may have been slated to be released 2 year ago but will be making its premiere May 11th 2018.

The story seems pretty straight forward for a crime thriller. the one thing I am more interested in is Carry’s performance in another serious roll, and not just any roll and dark mysterious something bothers me from my past investigator type character.

We’ve seen Carrey in more recent years jump into the serious acting finely blended through the years of The Truman Show, Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind, and the number 21.

Recently Carrey had some interesting news on him from his appearance at the Golden Globe, to his Netflix Documentary Jim & Andy where we’ve seen a different side of the quirky humor goofball I am many other grew up with during the 90’s. A lot of critics seem to give him crap for this abrupt change in lifestyle and such. I think Carrey’s got his reasons, his change isn’t to harm people so I don’t take it as a bad change. Maybe he’s playing out a character like he did with Andy; Maybe he just needs a change.

Whatever the matter is his adjustment in to taking on serious roles to me has proven he can be versatile. Dark Crimes for me has some high hopes of greatness for Carrey and I look forward to seeing this film in theaters.

What are your thoughts, feel free to leave some comments.

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