As most creatives understand, the process of idea generating to end product, completion, can be the most anxiety ridden adventure you take without leaving the comfort of your desk.

Years ago I ran by this hilarious infographic of the creative process posted by judithgold on I immediately fell in love with every little nuance of it. Every corner had something I’ve pondered myself, something I’ve laughed at before, and something I’ve determined I would never do with my own creative process. BUT, we are human and humans as much as we are ingenuitive creatures we are just as much bringers of dumb!

In short our creative process is only brazed by our own two feet and hands. We either bind its fate to a burning hole of consumed ideas, or smoothly transfer it from point A to point B.

My personal issues lie in over questioning, self-doubt, and over thinking of my pieces. Has this been done before? Would anyone care if I made it? Is it useful? It seems to always be a tough road. Here are some tips to help you move forward and take the roads you should focus on. For visual purposes I’ll be referencing “ideas” from the awesome infographic. This tips are more for new comers to the creative process, but may be a good reminder for others.



Your worst enemy WILL BE yourself. You will be super excited about your idea, then the gate opens and you see the world. Your mind will doubt you immediately. Will anyone or thing in the HUGE world life it? Does this HUGE world need this? What if I spend all this time on it only to get told it’s a piece of Crap?

This fight or flight mechanism is an obvious fork in the road. Do you stay or do you go? This is something you HAVE to answer yourself. A way to think about it is “well, I already know what HERE looks like, I wonder what it looks like over…. *ponder with chin in hand while scoping out the horizon… THERE!”



A line I use often was recently thwarted by Brachistochrone Curve. Yes the shortest distance from point A to point B is a straight line but, is it effective? What I mean by this is there is some thinking involved in reaching the display. You can make a beautiful painting, but if you make a piece for the purpose of displaying in a gallery for many people to see, how do you get there? Nowadays social media pretty much engulfs all of our lives, but having all your ducks in the social media basket may not be the best, sometimes maybe a show or event to partake in could help boost that exposure. You can’t always just make a painting and have it hanging in the Louvre when you are done. IF the outcome you want is the Louvre, then the process of getting there will be a part of your creative process.



The overwhelming excitement of finishing a project is SO exciting. You spend all this time building on it and then get a change to look at your final piece. The satisfaction alone could be the display you are looking for. If that is the case congrats!! You made it!

Disclaimer: If self-doubt shows up at this time please return to Tip #1 for advice.



By this I mean stick to your guns; stick to what you know, what is comfortable, and what you enjoy. For me drawing is probably my favorite. Not to say I don’t dabble in other mediums but if I know my gifts and talents with a particular medium things can move more smoothly to your desired outcome. It will also showcase your talent! So stick to what the good Lord gave you.



Let’um be sniveling old crust. Not everyone will like your stuff, or they will think they know what’s best for you. Something though that those Troglodytes DO bring to the table is wisdom. Sometimes wisdom isn’t what we want to hear at the time you feel completed with you project. But if you are looking to advance you will have to listen and learn how to manage criticism to better your talent.


So go!! Open the doors look to the horizon and spread your wings! We were all born with a gift, the trick isn’t finding it. It’s simply letting the creative process do its thing.

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