SO I’ve been a BIG fan of the Cloverfield franchise ever since That first trailer back during transformers 1!  Bad robot and Abrams collective group of creative people have been an aspiring thing for me. Such detail in things is always fun to look into for me cause I feel like I get to test my skills against the master; Beat him at his own game.

Well Cloverfields AR marketing has been a deep dive for me. Many people despised Cloverfield Paradox. maybe because of its surprise release after the Superbowl, or maybe it was is the chaotic Paradoxically written script. nonetheless, I have a theory; one I wanted to dive into more. You can get a brief synopsis of all the connection found so far in from Cloverfield Paradox here at an old post I made.

And be warned, spoilers ahead if you haven’t seen the movie


Part way through the movie, Volkov, goes through some sort of cross-meshing of himself and another entity (possibly 3). He tells him self “i know” in the mirror, obviously having a conversation with himself. Shortly after he runs into a room where, Schmidt and Tam are working to get things fixed. He puts them at gun point and starts yelling at them asking what they are doing there.  He then says a strange thing. he says. “then who are you answering to? German intelligence? Chancellor Gerlach? who gave you the wartime orders” he then vomits all over the place and convulses.

Knowing the Cloverfieldverse as I do the smallest things matter. I wondered who is Chancellor Gerlach. So now starts the research.

I typed in Gerlach and the second item that came up was a name Walter Gerlach, walter gerlach (according to the wiki info I found) “was a German physicist who co-discovered spin quantization in a magnetic field, the Stern–Gerlach effect”

He served the German army in 1915-1918, became a teacher assistant and lecturer, he then in 1922/23 discovered the spin quantization with a man Otto Stern. Spin quantization in short something to do with magnetic fields and motion.. lol I was reading the info and it was ALL way over my head. moving forward to WWII, Gerlach was a member of the supervisory board of a board KWG wich eventually changed to the MPG (these boards don’t mean much so no need in spelling it out). Jan 1st in 1944 he became the head of the physics section of the Reichsforschunsrat (RFR).

Now the Reichsforschunsrat that 2 years earlier reorganized but Adolf Hitler. The RFR by issuing a decree  to separate legal entities of parts of the council put new order and leaders into different areas allowing it to be more efficient. This i can only imagined cause chaos on things for a bit, but almost to the date two years later we have D-day where we have operation overlord happen.

So there seems to be a defiant connection to the Nazis with the rabbit hole of information. If i’m right I’ll be ecstatic!!! if not I hope they have a cooler connect that I hadnt caught onto yet.

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