So it finally arrived! The wonderful email that I have been selected to try out the Beta version of Age Of Empires: Definitive Edition. The game that defined my end of high school career and beginning life in College.

I only got to play for a couple hours last night but found the upgrade in graphics was really pretty. The rest of the game worked JUST like the 1997 version. They combined the expansion pack into the game so you have all of that as well to play with . The beta is closed and only multiplayer mode is available.

I’m guessing its to test the stability of the multiplayer setup. I found it pretty smooth for the couple hours I put in. Its definitely going to take some time to get back into the strategy of this game. build up quick! get FOOD! advance advance advance and.. oh yeah.  Protect you homestead.

Over all I have enjoyed the game. The only thing I felt was weird was the fact the game is a 17GB install. It took forever to install on my internet (not AoE’s fault) but the original game was only 240ish MB. Not sure why there was such a large up tick in size. BUT its a great Nostalgic feeling.

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