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Feel free to view my portfolio and contact information. I have been lucky to have the opportunities  to creatively design and finish out projects from Logos, to brochures, calendars, and websites, to video documentation, and digitizing of VHS tapes.

This site is dedicated to providing a portfolio of design capabilities that are available through the creativity of Hollow Ground Media. The work done through here is to help better organizations, businesses and others who are in need of our support.


Hollow Ground Media was established in 2010 as a freelancing DBA business in the Portland Maine area. The creator of the business has had several years of experience working in and around the media field on many levels. With a heart to help and mind to guide, he has come above and beyond in expectation in many small promotional base challenges for local Maine businesses.

Hollow Ground Media wants to help those businesses in need of a venue to help with advertising and online promotions. With so many options in the online and digital advertising realm, it can be confusing for many business owners who understand how to maintain their business but can’t handle keeping up with the advertising or digital media needed this day in age to gain more potential new customers.

HGM’s has a very delicate slogan; Simple, Sophisticated, Inspired by Nature. With amazing advancements in technology being made every day it is easy to forget where it all began; nature. HGM lives whole heartedly in incorporating the complex simplicity and sophisticated concept of nature into the digital world. With a Love of the simpler life and a passion for helping others and media, HGM has become that venue to help those less fortunate in their digital needs.

Hollow Ground Media can be your affordable way to join in the digital world, with great consultations, creative avenues, and the up most family care given to your product. HGM tailors to your needs.